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On-Site - HVAC Replacement

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**IMPORTANT - Registration must be made under student attending. If you are not the student, please contact Total Tech for Registration**

The HVAC Replacement Protocol course educates the student on proper removal and installation of new equipment. Today’s HVAC equipment is much more sophisticated than in years past. Older units still operated within tolerable parameters even if they were not fully installed properly, but with the variations of units of today and the use of R410A refrigerant, there is no room for error. An improper install today could cost the customer not only much aggravation, but money as well, and if you cost the customer money then they may not be the company’s customer for long. This course is designed to help prevent service callbacks and to know the equipment will run to designed specifications for years to come.

The HVAC Replacement Protocol course covers:

  • The proper tools needed for an air conditioning installation.
  • The air conditioning equipment operation.
  • The proper steps for an air conditioning installation per manufacturer’s Installation Guide.
  • Methods for the refrigerant recovery process. (Recovery and Pump Down)
  • Multimeter Usage (Safety)
  • Air conditioning equipment removal.
  • Suction and Liquid Line Sizing
  • Silver Brazing and nitrogen usage.
  • Evacuation Process
  • Condensate Drain Installation
  • Air Conditioning equipment change out utilizing a systematic checklist.
  • Refrigerant Installation (Weighing in the proper charge.)
  • Multiple Methods to Measure Airflow
  • Air Conditioning Start-Up Checklist
  • Clocking the Gas Meter (Setting Equipment BTU Input)

EPA 608 Exam will be given upon request.