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On Demand Webinar - HP11 & HP12 - Two - 2 Hour Sessions

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Includes 2 - 2 Hour sessions.

The HP11 webinar gives the technician a broad range of knowledge of heat pump operation and diagnostics.  This video teaches the technician:

1. Basic Heat Pump Component Operation

  •   Which component does what?

2. Troubleshooting Indicators

  •  What information does the tech need to gather?

3. The Tools Needed

  •  Which tools are used to gather the needed information?

4. Capacity, SST, and SCT

  •  Where does the tech begin in diagnosing a heat pump?

5. The Total Tech Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide

  •  Is recording diagnostic information really necessary?

6. Service Call #1 (How to diagnose refrigerant charge related issues.)

  •  Undercharged system effect on system operation.

7. Service Call #2 (How to diagnose non-condensables left in the system.)

  •  Non-condensables effect on system operation.

8. Service Call #3 (How to diagnose air flow related issues.)

  •  Air Flow and its effect on system operation.

The HP12 webinar teaches the technician the procedures used in determining compressor,

reversing valve, and metering device malfunctions:

1. Key Diagnostic Indicators

  •  Are some indicators more important than others?

2. Metering Device Malfunctions

  •  Does it make a difference in my diagnostics if I am working with a TXV versus a

                     Fixed Metering Device?

  •  How does the metering device malfunction?

3. Compressor Malfunctions

  •  How do you know for sure the compressor has malfunctioned?
  •  What is the discharge line temperature used for?
  •  What is a refrigerant enthalpy diagram used for?

4. Reversing Valve Malfunctions

  •  Does the reversing valve always show a ΔT if it has malfunctioned?
  •  Does suction superheat drop to 0° to 3° if the reversing valve malfunctions?

5. Service Call #1 (How to diagnose Compressor related issues.)

  •  Low Capacity, High SST, and Low SCT.

6. Service Call #2 (How to diagnose Reversing Valve related issues.)

  •  Low Capacity, High SST, and Low SCT.

7. Service Call #3 (How to diagnose metering device related issues.)

  •  Low Capacity, High SST, and Low SCT.