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ELEC11 & ELEC12 - Two - 2 Hour Sessions

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Includes 2 - 2 Hour sessions.

  • The ELEC11 webinar covers the Amana ASZ14030 (Goodman SSZ14030) Split System Dual Fuel Heat Pump.

The ELEC11 webinar teaches the technician how to diagnose low voltage electrical malfunctions by schematic interpretation, component function, and systematic action.  Total Tech teaches the "Miller Method" of electrical diagnostics.  This method utilizes a four-step process to diagnose low voltage as well as high voltage malfunctions.  In this webinar we will cover problems like thermostat malfunctions, pressure safety switch malfunctions, and temperature actuated safety switch malfunctions.  The tech will understand how to read a pictorial and ladder diagram as well as learn how to use the diagram in troubleshooting electrical malfunctions.

  • The ELEC12 webinar also covers the Amana ASZ14030 (Goodman SSZ14030) Split System Dual Fuel Heat Pump.

The ELEC12 webinar gives the technician a clear and precise method to diagnose electrical malfunctions.  It teaches the tech how to start with a bird's eye view of system operation and then systematically narrow the problem down through component isolation.  This webinar applies the "Miller Method" of electrical diagnostics.  The four steps used in this method simplify electrical troubleshooting by using the same procedure to diagnose 24vac, 120vac, and 240vac malfunctions.  The videos in this webinar cover low voltage component malfunctions, low voltage wiring malfunctions, and high voltage component malfunctions.  The tech will practice schematic interpretation, voltmeter and ammeter usage as well as the Miller Method of electrical diagnostics.

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