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The world of HVAC is interesting due to its complexity and diversity. The challenges that face the HVAC service technician require them to keep their skills sharp. Total Tech has created their online HVAC On-Demand webinars for that purpose to support the technician with continuing education that will assist them with growing in their field.

hvac training classes

The objective of our HVAC Training Classes via online webinars is to further educate the Service Technician by incorporating videos of real-world problems into our HVAC training class sessions. The videos bring the lessons to "life", as they give the viewer an actual experience that either they have or may run into out in the field. The viewer not only hears about the problem and how to repair it, but also sees it performed as well. Today's technician must possess the necessary skills in order to obtain (and hold) employment in the HVAC industry. Total Tech's HVAC Training Classes via the online portal provide the further education that is required to accomplish that task. Your online video HVAC training classes portal "Webinar Code" will be issued immediately upon purchase of our On-Demand webinar.

For the novice looking to enter the HVAC trade, we offer our on-site training classes. We understand there are options for online training courses for the novice, but the trades are hands-on occupations and we are firm believers that a student MUST put their hands-on actual equipment to be prepared to enter the workforce. Our courses are structured in a format that allows students to obtain their education within a very short period of time, so no matter where you are located it is feasible for you to attend HVAC classes at our Nashville, Tennessee Total Tech campus.






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