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HVAC Instructors

Mike Jones

Mike JonesMike Jones entered the HVAC trade in 2002, where he began as an installer and performed light diagnostics for a company in Panama City, Florida. He relocated to Tennessee in 2008 and wanted to remain in the HVAC industry, but desired to obtain a solid foundation as a Service Technician. Mike is a Total Tech graduate from 2012, and up on completion of the program began his own company where he worked until an opportunity arose for him to work with a local HVAC company in Nashville. Mike eventually ended up training other HVAC technicians that worked with the company and really found his passion. It brought great satisfaction to him knowing that he was making a difference in the lives of others, and passing on knowledge to allow them to make a better living for themselves, so when he was offered the position of HVAC Instructor at Total Tech he gladly accepted.


Matthew Tipton

Matthew TiptonMatthew Tipton began his HVAC career in Panama City, Florida in August of 2010 as an installer . Afterwards he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to join a lifelong friend who had started an HVAC compan y. Here he learned the skills to become an HVAC technician. He acquired the knowledge and procedures to properly repair mechanical, electrical, and air flow related system malfunctions. He also assisted in the daily business operations that included job bi lling and advertisements. He recently attended the Total Tech HVAC classes and is now an HVAC Instructor.



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