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Total Tech offers two concise, high impact HVAC courses, the HVAC Analysis I and the HVAC Analysis II course. Each course is only 50 hours in length, which means every hour the student will actively engage in learning the HVAC trade. The attendee spends approximately 20% of the course time in the classroom learning air conditioning theory and the remaining 80% in our state-of-the-art HVAC lab learning what they really need to know to become an HVAC service technician.

In the HVAC Analysis I course the attendee will learn how the basic refrigerant cycle transfers heat from inside the home to outside the home using four basic components. The student also learns the importance of proper airflow and how it affects the HVAC system. The HVAC system requires electrical current flow to operate the compressor and fan motors, which move refrigerant and air through the system.

In the HVAC Analysis II course the attendees learn system diagnostics. Mechanical, electrical and airflow issues are covered in these diagnostics. Total Tech has advanced diagnostic procedures that the attendees practice which clearly reveal the malfunctioning component in the system. Each lab exercise increases the understanding of system operation and component malfunction.

The goal of the HVAC Analysis I and HVAC Analysis II courses is to produce competent, entry-level technicians that have a clear understanding of system operation and practical procedures that help them diagnose system malfunctions.



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