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Total Tech had its beginning in 2006 with the need for better-trained HVAC technicians. Don Miller, founder of Total Tech, worked for Carrier Mid-South in Nashville as Customer Assurance Manager. His responsibilities encompassed technical assistance, warranty arbitration, and technician training. He quickly learned that high efficiency equipment brought on a new horizon for the industry. Seasoned technicians found themselves in an unfamiliar environment of heat pumps and air conditioning units that require stringent techniques for installation and service.

Total Tech had the privilege of partnering up with Hiller Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical out of Nashville, TN in August of 2013. The partnership allowed Don and his wife, Shawna, to expand the business into other trades. Total Tech began offering their Plumbing Fundamentals and Electrical Fundamentals courses in early 2015. While Total Tech is partnered with Hiller PHCE, and they are both at the same location, Total Tech still operates as a separate entity and continues to accept outside students, which include the novice as well as the experienced technician.

Effective technical training incorporates applied theory with proper procedures. Total Tech implements this blend of training into practical techniques that make system analysis make sense. It is this type of training that makes the technician capable of meeting today’s industry standards.

Total Tech offers the attendee a premier learning experience by creating a proper learning environment. The attendee registration, classroom instruction, reading assignments, and lab practices are all part of this environment.


Don Miller

Institutional Director

Don MillerDon Miller is Institutional Director of Total Tech, LLC. His work in the HVAC industry for the past 36 years has included the County of Orange in Southern California, where he maintained commercial split systems and commercial chillers. He owned and operated his own air conditioning service company for eight years in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he worked on both residential and commercial equipment. He accepted a position with Carrier Mid South in Nashville, Tennessee in 2003 where he worked as Customer Assurance Manager. Don founded Total Tech, LLC in 2006. Don’s certifications include CMS in Controls Specialist from the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES), NATE Certifications in Heat Pump, Air Conditioning, Gas Furnaces and Senior Efficiency Analyst. He was also awarded the RSES Imperial Eastman Award for Controls Specialist in 1994.


Shawna Miller

Business Administrator

Shawna MillerShawna Miller is Business Manager of Total Tech, LLC. Over the past 30 years she has held Office Managerial positions and has had the responsibilities of customer service, bookkeeping and human resource manager, along with many others. She has been a previous air conditioning service company business owner and handled all office duties for eight years, along with assisting in fieldwork.

During that tenure she handled customer service, payroll, human resource responsibilities and appointment scheduling, along with many other duties.


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